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Celebrating 25 years of providing innovative solutions and excellence for our clients.

The XLC Difference

XLC Services, LLC

XLC Services is a single-source provider of manufacturing services and warehouse management. We position our clients to focus on their core operation, with assurance that vital support functions are expertly managed. We provide custom solutions and support that bring exceptional value to many processes across varied industries in the warehousing and manufacturing environments. Our expertise spans the areas of planning and innovation, production, warehousing, logistics and returns and processing. Our services include laboratory operations, internal logistics, managed contracted labor, sourcing and cost reduction, storeroom management, kitting and customized packaging and distribution management, to name a few. XLC provides the knowledge, staffing resources and management expertise to bring our clients decreased cost while ensuring inventory accuracy, reliable quality, housekeeping and maximum up time. While performing these fundamentals, we constantly search for opportunities to increase efficiency and continually improve operations.

The "XLC Difference," simply stated, is encompassed in our corporate Field Support Team (FST). This group of highly skilled technical experts, which includes warehousing, distribution and staffing specialists, support our site management team with the constant study of our projects to identify improvements. Beyond ensuring consistency of the fundamentals, our FST monitors staffing and performance trends, routing patterns, machine and software assist opportunities, information capture, reporting opportunities and more.

The demand to achieve better distribution and manufacturing at ever decreasing costs is a dominant theme in today's business environment. XLC's solutions are a vital option by which to achieve needed savings. Try one or all of our services - they can be customized to best fit your needs - and the more you utilize, the greater the opportunity for us to deliver the savings that you need and want.

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