Case Studies

$83 Billion Global Consumer Goods Company

83% improvement in safety incidents within a 12 month period

Our Approach

  • Workplace hazard assessments performed for each position & safe practices implemented
  • Created tracking program (Safety Incident Report – SIR, Multi Cause Analysis – MCA, Why – Why Root Cause Analysis) to document & analyze each safety incident
  • Implemented BOS (Behavior Observation System) in place to observe and report unsafe behaviors
  • Developed tracking system to collect & analyze safety incidents & implement safe behaviors


  • 83% reduction in average number of safety incident per month
  • Implemented effective new hire training program

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Focus Areas

  • Safety


  • Zero Safety Incidents
  • Eliminate Damage Expenses
  • Drive Savings


  • Safety Action Plan

  • Safety Scorecard

  • Safety Analysis Tool

  • Behavior Observation System (BOS)