XLC's expertise in warehouse operations means clients can expect smooth and efficient handling of their warehousing operation. Our superior inventory management skills and high-tech storage processes translate into quick turnaround and cost savings for our clients.

Warehouse Services

XLC handles staffing needs, inventory control, and receiving and storing products while meeting demanding accuracy regulations.


XLC specializes in the best practices of supply chain integration and Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) materials management. This ensures our clients have the parts and supplies they need when and where they need them while minimizing resources.

Inventory Management

Material damage can extensively impact operating costs. XLC is continually developing the methodology to manage material damage cost. Our programs incorporate inbound inspection and quarantine along with special handling training and tracking systems aimed at minimizing and measuring handling damage. In addition, we typically utilize material reclaim systems to further minimize material damage cost.

Pick & Pack

XLC brings efficiency and experience to the pick and pack process. With our high-tech inventory management process, we can quickly select individual components from various warehouse locations and prepare them for multiple packaging options.

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