Planning & Innovation

XLC Services employs a fast-track planning approach that minimizes the time to market and unit cost for client job orders. We accomplish this by first developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s supply chain - from in-bound material logistics to pre-production, production and out-bound logistics. Whenever possible, just-in-time (JIT) logistics are used to generate additional cost savings.

XLC works closely with clients to understand their production planning, allowing us to accurately predict variations in workflow. By ramping up and down as needed, we cut lead time for production implementation. With XLC's on-site leadership, we "own" the results and are fully accountable for all results delivered via key performance indicators (KPI's). Backed by a rigorous continuous improvement process, we deliver innovative support that leads to labor savings and a better process for our clients.

Sourcing & Supply Chain

XLC partners with Versatex, our full-service Master Services Provider (MSP), to provide industry-recognized excellence in sourcing and supply chain management. XLC selects and aligns top-tier vendors to meet exacting customer needs.

Continuous Improvement

XLC's team conducts an "end-to-end" (E2E) analysis of every project from start to finish, identifying better, faster and more productive ways to do things. Our ongoing continuous improvement approach is built upon the kaizen philosophy of ensuring that everyone involved in a project - managers, workers and support members - is dedicated to identifying and driving efficiencies throughout the organization. The result is cost-saving opportunities for our clients.

Engineering/Process Design

XLC's field support team of highly experienced industrial engineers brings a strong understanding of production and process management. Their drive for innovation delivers new solutions that bring outstanding value to our clients.

Labor Management

To ensure maximum efficiency and worker productivity, XLC handles all aspects of staffing so our clients can focus on their core operations. We determine the appropriate line configuration that will maximize up time and minimize waste based on product complexity, product change-over, volume and worker skill set. We provide the right staff schedule, the right leadership and the right systems to deliver on time and on budget.


Effective safety programs are critical to every manufacturing facility. XLC's safety best practices have been developed from our own experiences and best practices of our clients to ensure we use preventative methods such as BOA's and safety huddles, and a robust training program. When an incident occurs, our methodologies target identification and solving the root cause - not just the symptoms. In fact, our total incident rate scores significantly better than industry averages.

Green Management/Sustainability

XLC believes environmental responsibility is an important business, consumer and community issue. We are dedicated to sustainable thinking, and pursue excellence in delivery while reducing environmental impact through awareness, education, practice and solutions. Our employees study current sustainable practices and seek professional sustainable certifications including LEED accreditation and continuing education. Through careful resource management, from recycling to efficient energy use, we save our customers time and money while promoting sustainable practices.

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