XLC specializes in managing and staffing our clients' material and finished product operations. We utilize a combination of our Field Support Team and our site management training to constantly seek out and capture cost savings opportunities. We review routing patterns, procedure improvements and flow-to-work opportunities to maximize productivity in the production process.

In Plant Services

We handle truck staging and unloading, warehousing, line supply and takeaways and truck loading. XLC also provides distribution center staffing and operations. We actively drive the development of the talent and capability of our operators, offering complete training programs for new operators.

Asset Management

Careful asset management results in extra savings and a more efficient process for our customers. XLC's asset management program allows us to catalog and identity the value of our clients' materials.


With extensive warehouse manufacturing system experience, XLC partners with third-party vendors to provide the most effective technology to our clients. Wherever possible, "just-in-time" (JIT) strategies are used to maximize storage space and generate additional cost savings.

Transportation Management

XLC utilizes a high-tech approach to truck dispatching, tracking the location of all trucks at all times and guaranteeing delivery within one to three hours.

Labor Management

While ensuring safety and inventory and load accuracy, XLC provides truck staging and unloading, warehousing, line supply and takeaway, and truck loading. We deliver great housekeeping, reduction of material damage and elimination of wrong material incidences.

Inventory Management

We have extensive experience with warehouse management systems such as RTCIS and SAP. Recognizing these systems are critical for inventory accuracy, XLC has developed corporate resources to ensure that our field personnel have the proficiencies needed to achieve the highest IRA requirements.

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