XLC Services believes that environmental responsibility is an important business, consumer and community issue – and demand for “green” practices is increasing. Our organization is dedicated to sustainable thinking, and focused on pursuing excellence in delivery while reducing environmental impact through awareness, education, practice and solutions.

Operational practices, project management and delivery within sustainable limits requires a major collaborative effort, and we are dedicated to enhancing the long term life cycle value of services and projects to our client’s, while preserving and protecting limited natural resources.

XLC's environmentally educated and forward-thinking staff creatively incorporates responsible habits into our everyday inter-office practices. We carry a practical, sustainable mindset with us at all times, particularly when working with clients, and delivering practical solutions on site. Our employees pursue educational opportunities related to current sustainable practices as well as seeking professional sustainable certifications including pursuing LEED accreditation and continuing education.

Operational and project delivery methods are often laden with process waste. Often there is a struggle to engage in sustainable requirements on building projects or in operational procedures which can result in additional costs. Lean production principles have been proven to reduce waste, improve process performance, and lower costs. The insight that we provide not only adds value to any process, but places value on the planet’s natural resources as well.

Employees are challenged to think creatively about sustainability and encouraged to share findings with co-workers, whether in their everyday habits or through ongoing training opportunities and information sessions led by experts in the field. We look to be leaders in our field when it comes to sustainability by engaging in responsible principles and practices. These practices may be as simple as recycling glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard products in the office and on site when those services are available, and by purchasing office products and supplies made of post-consumer recycled materials. By using laptop or notebook computers that may run for hours on battery power, we avoid the energy consumption associated with desktop computers that require a constant power supply. Employees consider the necessity of printing electronic documents before printing them in an effort to reduce paper usage. Common sense habits such as turning off lights or turning down thermostats when rooms are not in use, or using energy-efficient light bulbs when possible, greatly reduces energy consumption as well.

Incorporating sustainable practices in every facet of our operation and culture creates a staff of trained professionals at all levels of responsibility, thus allowing us to be a leader in practicing responsible, sustainable operational and project management.

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